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A couple days of warm temps in the Front Range bottom lands, high winds aloft and a distinct absence of new snow inspired a break from the hum-drum routine of powder turns.

But the night gives itself up slowly, painfully. Vestiges of NYD observances a few short hours previous throb in my frontal lobe.

Coffee, ample and strong got me out the door. Fast food breakfast burritos are the ballast to get me down the road.

Riding, how better to burn the morning-after demons.

K-man doing what he does.

5-cent, Internet Star.

Mono-wing #1.

Let's get a different angle on that.

The point.

Setting up for the big burp.

More Special-K

ETR tries gives it a go on a "little" bike.

Mono-wing #2

Best ride of the year. So far.

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great pics and ride

Nice pictures. That was a great ride, keep me posted on the next round, and I'll bring the beer.

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Nice pics D...

and nice riding...

Five cent...

K-man... (Pikes Peak in the background.)

Nice start to the new year. Now it needs to snow!..
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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