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Good day everyone!

Here's the deal: I've come across a brand-new Foes XCT 5 frame here in Russia. It's sold by my LBS and there's a sweet sweet discount going. I've reserved the frame for a week and is deciding whether to get it or not atm.

Size is L and spring is 300 which is kinda larger and stiffier than my usual preferences but I'm ready to cope with that.

Problem is the shock. This shop, they've never been an authorized Foes dealer and never will be, so while they provide some kind of warranty they cannot really repair anything on the spot. I am kinda worried about the shock actually (Curnutt ITD), nobody uses these here, it's not even rare, it's simply non-existant.

So my question is the following: would it be possible for me to replace the Curnutt shock with something that's gonna fit the frame without comprising it's geometry? Be it Fox, RS or Manitou shock, I don't really care. Of course i'd try to repair the Curnutt but I wouldn't wanna stay without a working bike in the middle of the season (which is quite short here) for example.

Asking here because I'm not really good at shocks as it is and also cannot make the guys at the LBS measure the shock.

Thanks alot in advance!
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