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Is the Burner frame strong enough for a big clyde (260lbs + gear) to us as a Epic XC bike?

Did my first endurance race this year (the 67km Test of Metal) on my Freeride hardtail. While I DNF'ed (due to a blown tube that took way too long to fix and caused me to miss a check point cutoff), I did have a great time, and I'm planning on doing a few more (possibly 4 or 5) similar endurance races next year.

In anticipation of next years racing and training, I am looking to get a new bike that is:
(1) More XC Oriented than my current hardtail. (Cove Stiffee FR)
(2) Active full suspension design. (was feeling beat up after long 50+ km training rides and the race itself, and I have problems losing traction on bumpy climbs on the hardtail)
(3) Still strong enough to hold up to my weight. (that is the one good thing about my current bike, every part is heavy and strong, I have not had a mechanical or structural failure all season...aside from a single flat tire all season...that occurred during the race)

Whatever bike I get will be used for both training and the races. I'm on the west cost of BC (in the Vancouver/Squamish/Whistler area), so the trails I ride for training are mostly single track, rooty, rocky and muddy (rains eight months of the year around here) with fire roads on some of the long climbs. I generaly ride 50 to 100km per week off road while training. The race courses are mostly the same terrain, ranging from 45km to 88km in length. I'd say my riding style is aggressive, I ride hard and fast, especially on downhill sections, though I avoid drops greater than a few feet.

Do you think the Burner is up to this? Other clides with experience on this bike? ...or should I look elsewhere? Suggestions?

sh0rty :p
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