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I bought a Burly DeLite trailer off craigslist a couple weeks ago for $50. I love it! It's in really good shape, and so far the kid loves it. I see myself trying to haul a full two weeks of groceries in the thing as well. There is a tag on there to indicate it was built in 98.

So I go to bolt it to my 29er hardtail bike, and naturally it doesn't play well with my disc brake. NP, I just took my Cyclocross bike that day.

It sure would be nice to bolt this thing up to any of my other bikes that have disc brakes. Does Burley make a hitch assembly that works with my older trailer?

the Burley site is less than clear about this. It sorta implies that they have not changed the hitch, but like I said, it's not clear.

From Kaffenback
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