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I'm riding the Kokopelli Trail from Fruita to Moab this weekend and I was just putting a shout-out to see if anyone heading back on Sunday want to give a brother (two actually) a hand. We (my friend and I) have a ride back to our car (in fruita) on Monday and a possibly-maybe-so-so-could-happen ride back on Sunday. Plus the Sunday ride is a shuttle where we can't bring our bikes so we still will have to drive back to Moab to pick up our rides and the other guy. Whew - then drive back to D town. That's a lot to do after a good 50 mile day. I'd rather not call out of work on

Ideal situation: a vehicle where we can take two bikes, two people and four panniers back to Fruita on Sunday . Good enough: a reliable ride back on Sunday - even if it's a shuttle.

I'm not expecting anything from anyone but if someone is feeling altruistic - I'd appreciate it.

I just bought a 30 pack of PBR if that sweetens the deal. Probably not. And, yeah, we will probably smell a bit.


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