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the nurse in the ER says when she sees me hobble in, all twisted and grimacing, bicycle?, she asks, knowingly.

Surly CxC on the road, fill moon ride to a nice trail / bike path through the ferns and oaks. Never made it there; hit a 6x5x5 rock that blended in with the pavement. OTB at 25mph = hemotoma on knee and broken clavicle. 4-6 weeks of no riding. have to see the orthopedist to make sure no more damage.

1- left leg immobilized
2- right leg scraped
3- arm sling and strapped down
4- saline, antibiotic, morphine went here (almost passed out when stuck suction in knee)
5- bruise on right hand from brake hood???

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Damn! that sounds so familiar..:eek:

Almost exactly like it happened to me recently, except mine was on the trail in the late afternoon, and I didn't [thank God] break anything.

Get well soon, brother.

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