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Building up Covert, front rise question

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Commencing my Covert building project have front-related question:
Bearing in mind uphill struggle is natural part of my riding (used to climb more or less technical or long uphills) at least to get to the trails I usually ride (or just to keep fit) I decided to stay with 150mm fork (Float) instead of more common choice of 160mm (or TALAS 160mm) for this frame.
Having said that, I just thought perhaps compensating by fat front tire relatively to the rear one would be adequate to earn perhaps few additional mms without modifying head angle and also as a natural added suspension ?
Say, putting 2.2 or 2.25 front tire and keep 2.1 for rear ?
My riding style is something between aggressive XC to AM (no significant air time neither intimidating drops in near future)

As for now I ride on 5.5" bike that was also self-assembled and used to both 2.1" tires.

Any thoughts ?
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unfortunately that does not modify the travel but actually does what you do not want to do which is alter the head angle so slightly. Depending on what tire you use I think a 2.25 will fit your liking front and rear and make a nice setup rather than mismatching sizes
Oh, sure, apparently I didn't make myself clear, sorry.
Obviously doesn't alter the travel and actually indeed alter slightly the head angle. Not sure though whether it can be of any advantage.
So you do think both front and real tires would better to be the same, right ?
right on! A few advantages of narrow tires are they roll faster and lighter. LArger tire in the front isnt a bad idea for sure, it just depends on your terrain. Sandy conditions would be a situation where a fatter tire would help, muddy a narrower tire profile.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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