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hey folks i am building on my property this weekend. call me or email me as i will have a 20ft double into 25 ft road gap done by saturday. my plan is to build a 30 foot double after the road gap. i also would like help with the main trail. so far i have it lined up for a three small drops and then it lines up to a huge rock i would like to build a tabletop jump approach to rock drop of 12-15 feet or so. i am looking for a reliable, small build crew. those folks will have a free, legal place to ride if they build, ride and dont brag about the place so it becomes another disaster of illegal builds and riders who dont have permission to be there. i hope to build and ride with some of you this season. pix will be up this week. i am located 35 miles west of golden right off i-70.

mark caminiti
[email protected]
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