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Afternoon all,

I am by no means a pro rider, a 58 yo intermediate at best. I did my first race last year, a 50K and finished mid to mid back of pack. Needless to say, I got the bug and went out and bought a more trail friendly Ripley instead of the long travel Tracer I rode during the race.

I am here in central North Carolina and am going to take a stab at the Cane Creek series here this coming spring. I work a 9 - 5 job like most or like most use to given the times. I hit the YMCA 3 days a week for spin bike and weight training. I am learning more about my nutrition as I go, but am headed in the right direction. Needless to say, I want to be better prepared this coming spring. I have even signed up for a few longer races over in Dupont this spring/summer.

I want to put a training plan together to get my base more in line and then peak come April. I have looked at Trainer Road as well as Training peaks. I researched here some but want to maybe rob from this resource or that and do my own thing. Free is what I'm after. Is there any links or places I can look to incorporate some winter indoor training as well as some weekend rides to get ready for April?

Thanks for any light you guys can shed.


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I can ride sporadically outdoors throughout the winter and honestly it makes me love riding more. The time off the bike makes the days I have on it much more enjoyable. In winter I swap saddle time for more intensive strength trainining. I enjoy and do crossfit. I also have a small workout space at home with equipment (rack, pull up bar, bench, barbells, plates, dumbbells, kettlebell, bands, parrallette etc). At home I follow a custom workout program. At the gym I follow the training schedule (Lifts for strength and HIIT for conditioning: typical cf program) . My body thanks me for it.

My husband is my workout buddy. We support and stay accountable to each other for motivation and dedication. My husband is a mtbr but he also rides and races enduro dirtbikes.

I also run +++ as a source of cardio. I don't race bikes but I do long listance running races. And follow a marathon training program.

Don't forget the most important element: diet. I don't drink alcohol, I eat a clean vegan diet... not for everyone but it has worked for me. I stay trim and strong year long.

I work FT as well so my free time is precious and I devote time (1-2 hr /day M-F) and 2-3hrs Sat-Sun
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