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this is a dupe post to get it back on top with a title that might garner more attention. some of yous guys have already contributed to this project but its not progessing as id hoped so here i go again.

lemme start by sayin I DONT WANT PICS OR INFO ON THIS THREAD! PM ME WITH INPUT PLEASE! all this is is a call to those interested in helpin out with a cool idea. ok? ok.

i talked to dt at length a few weeks back about a super sticky turner timeline. hes totally in! thinks its a killer idea and wants to see it done. we provide the pics and he will write a paragraph on each design incarnation explaining its birth, design idea and such. airwreck is willin to make it happen as well. im willin to put in the time to make it somethin to see but ill need some help compileing the pics and data as well as a suitable format for the thread, so i call those with pics, info and expertise to make this happen.

weve also discussed adding some personal storys on top of the factual stuff. anything goes and from there my little team will pick out the best stuff for inclusion to the timeline. theres a cool program out there that allows pics and text to be combined as a paragraph of sorts as cheese and the gang does. since i last posted ive lost that info in a reformat. anyone got that link?

again please oh gawd please DONT RUIN THE SUPRISE AND START POSTIN PICS OR INFO ON THIS THREAD! PM ME INSTEAD! from there ill swap some emails with ya and include it in a file ive made. all this is is a call to those interested and willin to participate.
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