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Buffalo Creek Trail Day, July 26

With the ******* Creek Trail completed and Team Evergreen's Epic looming in September, it's time to put a little polish on the Buffalo Burn Trail in the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area of the Pike National Forest. This trail will provide access to our efforts in September, and we expect to have some long awaited signage to better mark the Buffalo Burn Trail for users.

Our volunteer support for trail days continues to be outstanding! Come join us to build and improve trails that we all spend many hours riding.


* We love to ride fun, challenging single track. Building/Improving trails in one of our favorite areas to ride demonstrates that the mountain bike community cares, gives back and makes a difference in supporting public access to singletrack!
* We'll supply Breakfast . . . Bagels, Juice, Doughnuts, Coffee!
* When we're done with the trail work, there will be a post work BBQ with Burgers and Dogs (BYOB)!


* Take U.S. 285 south to State Highway 126, Pine Junction, then south on 126. Proceed through Pine Grove and Buffalo Creek (where the North fork of the S. Platte River crosses the road). About (2) miles south up the hill there will be a white gate on your right. This is where the Colorado Trail meets 126 on the west side of the highway. Pull through the gate and follow the gravel road for about ¼ mile to park.
* Park in the flat area to the right just before the gravel road turns right (south).

What to bring?

* Bring your enthusiasm and energized muscles to help us build these
* great trails for all to enjoy! All necessary tools will be provided.
* Wear comfortable work clothes . . . long pants, long sleeve shirt, and boots!
* Don't forget work gloves, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and rain gear, just in case!
* Bring a lunch, snacks and lots of water for during the day while on trail!


Saturday, July 26th, plan on arriving around 8:00 a.m. to get fueled up.

Register at:, then click on
"Buffalo Creek Trail Building (7/26/08)"


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We need your help in fixing up this existing trail to build the more advanced terrain during the Epic. The completion of the new trail (started during the Epic Weekend) will enable connection from Little Scraggy and the CT to FR 543 eliminating the road ride up 126.

Thanks for your support.
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