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Budget lighting for 24hr race - in a hurry.

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I've been caught with my pants down a bit with not having good lighting for a 24hr relay race 1 week from now. I've cruised these forums and I've discovered there are some great lights for little money if only I had time to order some goodies from Unfortunately I don't have that kind of time :(.

What I have discovered is that I have a local dealer for Fenix flashlights ( is nearby). I can get 2 LD20 Q5s for CAD$140 plus $15 for the velcro flashlight mount (will use zip ties for temporary helmet mount), for a total of $155 for 360 lumens for 2 hrs (I already have tons of matched NiMH AA batteries so I'd rather a light that uses those instead of CR123A).

I think $150 really is my upper limit - I don't really ride enough at night to justify going higher. Does anybody have a better suggestion for getting some lighting at this price - and within a week?
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Why don't you get that light from Geoman that is the Tesla knockoff and supposedly 900 lumens. It's, I think, less than $100 ($85 or so). Then you could put a torch on your helmet and be good to go.

JohnJ80 said:
Why don't you get that light from Geoman that is the Tesla knockoff and supposedly 900 lumens.
Because he needs it for a race so wants a reliable light?
See the reviews.

The fenix lights will be ok and useful off the bike too.
I bought 2 of the Fenix LD20s. I know they are not the absolute best solution, but there are enough people out there who are happy with them that I'm confident they will do the job. Plus, as mentioned just above, they're a great flashlight off the bike too (which is part of the reason I can justify the expense to myself :) ).
Tried by Fenix LD20 setup tonight (1 on helmet, 1 on bars), along with a Cateye HL-EL510 to throw a few lumens right in front of my wheel. Overall I was quite impressed considering how tiny and generally inexpensive this setup is (CAD$130 total for 2 lights + mount). I rode a local singletrack loop tonight that I know fairly well and could ride it at pretty much full speed with no problems whatsoever. Even on unfamiliar trails I think you would be able to ride at a very nice clip if not 100% full out. The only possible issue is that the beam diameter is faily narrow, so when you get into some really twisty stuff and you're throwing the handlebars around you might find the handlebar light isn't throwing alot of light in the direction you're looking (but that's what the helmet light is for!).

Overall I'm very happy and am very confident this setup will see my through my 24hr race nicely. I have a hard time believing that you could find a bike-specific lighting setup that performs this well for the same price (DX lights notwithstanding). The fact that they double as very convenient flashlights the rest of the time is a nice bonus that helps me justify it to my wife :).
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Ya know, I was going to speak sooner but I held off to see what others had to say. I was going to suggest buying the new D/X light as well but from Geoman, who I'm sure would back the product. Sure the new D/X P-7 light has some problems as znomit has alluded to but you would of had a light that gave off at least 500lm with a fair amount of spill and for ~ $80 that's hard to beat. What would of probably served you better though would of been one of the Dinotte 200L's. The AA version will run on high for about 2.5hrs if you have good AA's. It also has an excellent beam pattern as well that is set-up for bike use. You can order the light with either a flood optic or a spot ( or order an extra optic of choice ). I prefer the flood for the bars which has more side spill which is very useful. Not to mention that it has three power levels. Since you mentioned that you had lots of AA's this would of been a nice option. Dinotte has a sale on the handlebar mount only AA version 200L for $95...That is not a bad deal for a great light that will not disappoint you or let you down. Just order a couple extra AA battery holders and you are good. Then you could of looked around on e-bay and maybe picked up a nice Q-5 or R-2 LED torch for the helmet. The Fenix torches are fine but a little expensive.
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