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Hey y'all

I'm putting the important stuff in orange. I'm trying to do a full suspension bike build for under $300. That's actually not (I hope) as dumb as it sounds.

Here's what I think I need:
  1. Full Suspension Frame
  2. Rear Shock (if frame's rear shock is bad)
  3. Shifters
I found a $70 Genesis V2100 frame. Is the frame decent? I'd want to replace the rear shock though.

Rear Shock:
I found a Fox DHX 3.0 MTB shock for $70 as well (220mm eye-to-eye). Would that fit the V2100?

Okay, I love (rightly or wrongly) grip shifters. As far as I can tell these are like $20 new.

That totals $160. Is it worth it to get a better frame?

I have a bike I'm using for parts, so here are the parts I have already (let me know please if I'm missing some parts):
  1. An old Rock Shox Judy fork (here)
  2. Radius Caliper Brakes (complete set)
  3. Groupset. The rear derailleur, 21-speed Shimano Altus, needs to be tuned up. Maybe $60?
  4. 26" Wheels + Tubes + Tires
  5. Bontrager Stem + some Handlebars
  6. Pedals
  7. Seat + Post (I might need to switch out the post to fit the frame)
That totals $60. Is it worth it to replace any of these parts?

So, all-in-all that's $220. Should I do it or not?

Thanks for your help.
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