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Has anyone in the Massachusetts area make a sub $100 xc bike from relatively mid range/high end used mtb parts? Im just interested because so far, I have spent less than $100 on the following:

1997 Cannondale Killer V frame Metallic Blue $50
2004 Shimano Deore Cranks and BB $ Chicken nugget happy meal
2007 New Surly Singlespeed 38T chainwheel $20
2002 RockShox Judy SL w/aftermarket air and Ti hardware $P.O.S Trek 4300 frame trade
2000? Tioga 1 1/8" Threadless headset $used free
1998 Quando singlespeed Hub
2003 Bontrager Maverick Double-wall 26" rim
???? Kalloy 27.2mm seatpost & random seat
Bontrager Crowbars & 5 degree 100mm stem

So far, I have everything but A front rim, brakes, levers and a chain w/$30 left on the build. Expect a sub 25lb build considering the minimalist approach being taken. Pictures soon.

Anyone else try this type of build on your spare time?
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