Trail builders are the unsung heroes of mountain biking. They employ a number of tools to sculpt beautiful ribbons of dirt, but none is more important than the McLeod. Part rake, part tamper, part blade, this tool does it all. You can cut roots and brush with the sharp side, shuffle debris with the rake side, and then use it a tamper to pack everything down.

BTR Fabrications Trail Tool

BTR's new Trail Tool is a proper McLeod.​

This tool is so important, that custom bike builder BTR Fabrication wanted to put their own special twist on it. Their first version was the Trail Tool, which is handmade in the UK. It has an 185x250mm and 30mm diameter handle hole.

BTR Fabrication McLeod Tough Rake Head

The hole in the Tough Rake allows you to run a lock through it.​

To round out their arsenal of tools, they recently launched the Tough Rake. It draws inspiration from the Trail Tool but has a wider shallower head. It was originally designed for sculpting dirt jump lines, so the teeth were aggressive enough to bite into packed in soil. The straight edge on the opposite side allows you to smooth out lines, then repack everything.

Here's why you should always tip your trail builder.

The Tough Rake head retails for £80 ($100) and ships without a handle. For an additional £5 ($6.25), you can order one wood handle.

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