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It's about showing up.
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We had 20 show up to pickup the tools and work after a 4 month closure against trailwork in the park. City of Oakland finally figured out that the BTCEB was taking care of them.

We cleared away one big tree and worked drainage and sitelines, issues long neglected by a lack of force from City of O. We also got rid of some really stupid stunts and such by clowns which make us look really bad to the folks who run the parks. I just makes more work for us and those guys never show up to help. Double negative PR.

We found that hikers and mtb trail creators were about equal idiots. One of my guys and i spent the day working Chapparral improving sitelines and drainage. There is a major tree about half way down blocking the trail and we are thinking about removing it or working the rest of the park for the other types of trail users.

Beer and deli sandwiches after. Lots of thank yous from walkers and riders all day. Many stopped while we were rehydrating and eating. All good.

Tons of work to do at JMP. Next trail day is on the 3rd Saturday of April.

Please stop riding off-trail. No one is impressed with your awesomeness. These guys have forgotten more about mtb than you know and their reaction to your efforts is pretty nasty. You make the work harder and our rep worse in a park sensitive to that. Get a clue.

We're all in this together.
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