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Hi all,

mstrutzie normally does this, but since she is heading out of town for the week, I figured that I'd get this out there now...

Same time schedule - meet up between 6:00 and 6:15, and be ready to roll by 6:30 PM.
That extra time allows new faces to say hi, and to decide which group people will be riding with.

We will see how many people show up and decide at the start how we'll divide up the groups. Since we are "down" one ride leader there may be a "A/B" group that is combined. If anyone wants to step up and take position for a "B" group ride leader, PM me, and then we can keep the group size/speed more manageable. If we can get a "B" leader, and since this is the longest night of the year, daylight-wise, we have a few options for routes. An "A" group could get in the bigger loop with Soaring Hawk to Bort and McDonald, the singletrack on Skyline to Goldenrod, and then back down to the Stone Bridge and up Brandon/Two Rocks/Lost Ridge and back to the cars. "B" riders should be able to do the same, except at the Bort meadows end of Soaring Hawk, head back down to the Stone Bridge and climb Brandon, with Two Rocks/Lost Ridge being an option if there are people in the group who know the route. If the "A" group and "B" group met up before Two Rocks, then people could decide if they wanted to go either way at that split, as long as there is someone who knows the route..

Here is a link to last weeks' post from msutzie about skill level/fitness level for the groups. It seems to fit pretty close to what we are seeing in real life!

Anyone wishing to offer lead/sweep positions for the ride (A, B or C) please contact me!

See you on Wednesday night!
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