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This weekend I went mountain biking at both Brundage and Tamarack. Brundage is located just outside of McCall, Idaho while Tamarack is located south of McCall. Both resorts offer lift assisted moutain biking during the summer and of course this mofo and his 575 are gonna take full advantage of it! And it also helps that Tamarack offered us REI employees a free season mountain biking pass.

I crashed a couple of times at Brundage...most notably on Hidden Valley and Zorro. Hidden Valley was in alot worse condition than it was last season (erosion, extremely loose dirt, tons and tons of loose rocks)...they were even considering closing it...and I just don't have the skills yet to tackle something like Zorro (very steep, rooty, rocky, tight). I crashed on Exit Stage Right at Tamarack. It's very much like Zorro. I attempted to ride this one section that involved having to avoid a small tree on the left hand side while also trying to make a sharp left hand turn to get down the section. Well I passed the tree, but I was grabbing so much brake that I just stalled and lost my balance and went down to my right.

Ever since knocking the pressure in the RP3 down to 205 psi, the 575 has been EXTREMELY PLUSH. This was really evident up at Brundage. Elk Trail is a very nice and flowy trail and the Yeti seemed to be riding on a flying carpet. However up at Tamarack, the Yeti felt a bit harsh...I think cuz Super G (really Tamarack's only big trail)...was just so twisty going down that it was at many times hard to just let the Yeti rip. Tamarack is still in it's infancy and will be a number of years before it's trail system is totally built out. Super G right now is there "signature" trail and really their only trail. There are a couple of short options to take off of Super G, but nothing big...well except for Exit Stage Right and Stage Fright. Tamarack has a couple of other areas for riding: jump park, challenge park, and XC area. I didn't get to hit those on Monday due to time constraints, but I'll definately check 'em out next time I'm up there.

One thing I still need to understand about my Yeti is that it can do alot if I had the balls to do 'em. Drops, high speed turning, rough terrain, etc. I just consider myself an intermediate rider on an expert'ish bike. I realize alot of mountain biking is both skills and willpower...I've got quite a bit of ways to go to match the capabilities of my bike.

Overall a GREAT weekend of riding. Just too much damn fun!

Here are pix....

Riding up the chairlift:

The view from the top:

Shots on Elk Trail:

Hidden Valley:

Zorro: (I do believe I crashed here)


Upper Payette Lake:

Somewhere near the top of Tamarack:

Exit Stage Right and Stage Fright:

Exit Stage Right (I crashed shortly after this section):
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