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Winter has a tight grip on us southlanders. I don't think it got higher than the mid 60's in the mountains, today.

I even had to break out the leg warmers.

Winter is effing brutal!


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Well that will learn you and your crew, you all in reality should well be carving up the trails down under in my neck of the woods! ;)
the temp is -21 rite now in MN. There is a race tomorow, but I dont think Im going.
Went for a ride yesterday , 17 degrees .
temps today in SoWI were between -5 and +5, with wind chills -5 to -20. Then again, I didn't ride either...
Today we headed "South" to Monterey to ride Fort Ord. Been a few days since any rain, the dirt was V-E-L-C-R-O and the temps were mid-60's. No leg, arm or any other types of warmers needed until the sun started to go down and temps dropped pretty quickly then (4:00-ish). Sweating on January 2nd is a nice treat for NorCal riders, but it was really warm today. Maybe even warmer than Big Laguna or the 'macas.... Happy New Year and an even happier new year that was had by those of us lucky enough to go out and play on our bikes, whatever the conditions were...
I rode this morning here in Southern Cal. and I think the temps were in the low 70s. Sorry for all you guys stuck in the cold.;)
:prft: :prft::prft::prft::prft::prft::prft::prft::prft::prft::prft::prft::prft::prft:

i think we went above for around 30 mins today ...

won't stop me though i wish it was more like that here...too much snow on the trails now...
mid 60's would put me in tshirt and shorts weather... it's neg. 10 plus degrees right now....
I think central Africa got down to 25 this morning. Celsius, that is. Gets chilly during the rainy season, ya know? Riding was also fantastic.

I miss riding Noble during a snowstorm, though, Aqua.
UK's been around -15F to -20F for the last 3 weeks, loads of snow and ice, 60F would be like a heatwave for me :D
Massachusetts = Snowing for 3 days now. 40 mph winds this morning.
We're having a cold snap in Miami too. Was 50 degrees yesterday morning - I had to go buy some arm warmers! Typically - it's short sleeve and shorts year round here.
You suck! I mean that in a nice way. Its current below zero. Freaking rollers again today. I'm glad at least somebody can ride. Might have to road trip soon.

Intended for Aquaholic
Nice tease.:nono:

-16 for me on yesterday's ride with a windchill near -30. Now riding in that requires a bit more than leg warmers....:p

Rear King ISO hub stopped engaging properly after 15 minutes due to the grease freezing up. If I stopped pedaling, I could spin the cranks 2 full revolutions before getting engagement again.

We've got a warming trend today though. It's supposed to make it up to 6 degrees.:skep: So maybe some time on the snow covered gravel roads is in order to take advantage of the heat wave.....
-4 with a wind chill of -20. I'll try to get out but I am waiting until we reach the high for the day. Its supposed to hit 15.
47 in Denver yesterday but trails are still shot so was forced to do another road ride. I wish I had taken my camera.
pooman320 said:
the temp is -21 rite now in MN. There is a race tomorow, but I dont think Im going.
If it is the Chilly Chilli ice race, then I would still try to make the race. It is one h e ll of a good time. :thumbsup:

Besides how often do you have a bike race on a lake?
We rode yesterday and temps never got above freezing, which is a good thing because of all the rain we've had here in the SE everything was frozen :D
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