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Browns Camp / Gales Creek - Trail Conditions?

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Anyone know the trails conditions of Browns Camp or Gales Creek?
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I haven't been out there for a while, but with this excellent weather, I wouldn't hesitate to go this weekend.
Heading out there tomorrow after work. Will give a report after that.
Heading out there tomorrow after work. Will give a report after that.
We're heading out there tomorrow too! Should be there around 5:30-6. Maybe we'll see you on the trail! I'm riding a gray Kona Coiler and my friend is riding a Trek Fuel.

I ride with a group from the area out there every Thursday after work May-Oct. Size of the group varies, but you are more than welcome to ride with us. I'll be on my Blur LTc.

Some friends rode it last week -- on cross bikes! It was muddy but they smiled.

It will be muddy in several places.
Thanks for the invite Aaron! I usually ride the east side (Sandy Ridge and Powell Butte) but I'm seeing a friend in Hillsboro and thought we'd ride while we're out there. But If I'm ever out your way I'll let you know. I also sent you a PM.

Thanks LeeMan! Hopefully the sun and heat the past couple of days will dry things up a bit.
Conditions are great out there as of yesterday. I parked at the Gales Creek campground, went up Storey Burn, around on Wilson Wagon/Niels Roger, back down Gales Creek from Rt 6 to the campground. Few 5-10' spots that were soft....but the rest was pretty much bone dry. Brought fenders, didn't need 'em.

Even the Gales Creek trail from 6 to the campground was pretty firm.

The rain this week may impact that....but I'd get there soon if you can.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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