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Brookings, SD

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I am considering a move to the Brookings, SD area and was curious about the trail availability in eastern SD/western MN (primarily SS friendliness). How is the area in general for outdoor activities (parks, hiking trails, etc.) Also, hate to even ask here but a friend was curious about how many people in the area had horses and what that scene was like if anyone knows. Thanks in advance.
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opey, I grew up in Brookings and now I live in Lincoln, NE. just recently I was home and having never ridden when I lived there (I'm kinda newbe) I went to the LBS in brookings to ask where they ride. apparently they drive about 45 minutes to a state park just over the border into MN to ride. it's the closest thing...yeah, I was bummed. sioux falls supposedly has some good trails and that's about 60 miles, but I've never been there to ride. MN should have some good riding, but sadly there's nothing in the Brookings area. oh yeah, the LBS (Sioux River Cyclery) is pretty lame. nothing high end and it's all pretty expensive. I'm sure they'd help you out if you needed repairs/mech stuff done, but I've always been met with a I'm-better-than-you-and-know-more-than-you sort of attitude. good luck with the move, but I'd say sioux falls is more mtber friendly than brookings.
I went to school there and started the cycling club at SDSU. Mtn riding can be found 20 minutes East at Hole in the Mountain Park in Lake Benton. Or farther east in Camden State Park. Thats about all the offroad stuff. Oakwood lake has a couple miles of dirt roads. we [put on several races there in the early 90s. Thursday nights are two great group road rides followed by pizza and beer. Talk to Marc Richards at Brookings parks and rec.
Yeah, I haven't found the "good" trails in SF either!! I drive to Big Sioux (sucks) by Brandon, mostly flat, but hey, it's dirt or down to Newton Hills....otherwise there isn't much here. There is the Sioux Falls bike trail, which for a bike trail is nice, but it is pretty much flat and all paved......not really MTB material.

Hey all...

Evidently there are some plans to expand the trail system here in Sioux Falls.

The link is here...
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