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Bronze 2001 Zaskar LE?

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Did they actually make one of these? Does anyone out there have a picture or know more about it? Were they made in the Santa Ana plant? I found a 2001 Zaskar LE frame but the seller claims its bronze in color...I thought they only came in the team yellow and blue?

Any help from GT gurus would be appreciated.
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I know for sure the '99 Zaskar LE frames were a bronze-like color as I used to have one.

You might want to ask the seller for a pic of the seriel number of the bike. It should have the year and month it was made in it.
Right, it should be a LE from 99. Does it look like this?


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That color is called Cosmic Sunrise me thinks.
The 2001' Zaskar-LE came in GT's racing colors only [Blue & Yellow].
The Cosmic Sunrise color was from the 1999 model year. As noted on this link when you scroll down to color:
oh... that was THE colour! I still have Crosslinks from her still live and kicking!
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