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I posted this in the Banshee forum but thought I'd post here to get opinions from a different demographic...

On paper, the Spitfire and Santa Cruz Bronson have almost completely identical geometry. Comparing a size L Spitty (in neutral) to a Bronson, the ETT is S 24.2" B 24.02", chainstay length S 17.3" B 17.28", BB height S 13.65" B 13.62", etc.

The Spitty has 140mm KS link travel versus the Bronson's 150mm VPP. In aluminum with a CCDB shock, the MSRP of both frames is about the same (although discounts on Banshee are easier to find). Although I haven't heard of any issues with the new generation of Banshee pivots, SC pivots are reputed to be pretty bulletproof. The Bronson obviously lacks the Spitty's adjustable geometry feature.

Of course I would expect to hear pro-SC opinions in this forum :p , but I'm curious to see what folks who have ridden both think about the differences in ride feel between the two bikes.
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