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Update: Cassette was definitely making noise and after replacing it my bronson was as quiet as it gets. It was 1175 Sram, replaced with 1150 11 speed.
I also had some trouble staying in gear in the middle range - that was cured as well. No any other symptoms with the original 1150.
In the end bike had to be thoroughly cleaned and greased.
If you have torch freewheel from I9 use 1/4" extension to punch out drive side endcap.

My CC Bronson V2 11 speed sram (GX) started making all kinds of noises few months ago. I had it for 2 years, about 2000 miles, lots of climbing and downhills. It was quiet for a long time, but after this last rainy winter(Norcal) it was loud, like slayer concert.
I gradually checked, cleaned most of the bike and replaced VPP(got a deal on new), chain, new x1 derailleur, (was gx) new BB (one bearing was crunchy), cleaned and reassembled top link, raceface crank.Cleaned greased pedals. Seatpost.

Bike runs great, 90% of noises are gone. But I still get time to time (about 20 of the ride), creaking metallic noise. I am thinking that may be its the cassette? Or crank?
It seems to be random at this point. I dont think that it is related to suspension. Seems like drive train.
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