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I broke my scaphoid bone in my wrist on December 2, 2010, had a screw inserted December 7, 2010.

A friend and I were building dirt jumps (sand jumps here in Florida) and had just finished working on our latest jump. It was a relatively small jump; 10 foot gap with about a 6 foot step down to the transition. Unfortunately the transition was way too soft and when I landed (granted, when I landed my weight was too far forward) my bike just sort of stuck in the ground. I got bucked OTB and honestly don't remember sticking out my hands to break the fall, but I must have to break my wrist. When I got up it just felt like I had jammed my wrist a little...nothing shaking it off wouldn't take care of. Well after about 10 minutes I had a golf ball size lump of swelling on top of my hand below the thumb. Went to Urgent Care that night and was diagnosed with a fractured scaphoid bone.

So that's how it happened, now I'm around 2 1/2 months out of surgery. Was in a soft cast for a week, then a hard cast for 4 weeks. After getting the hard cast removed they retook x-rays and it showed no fracture, so I was put in a brace that could be removed for hygiene purposes and to do light range of motion exercises. Wrist was feeling pretty good, ROM exercises were going well, and so I decided to be stupid and went dirt jumping at a local mountain bike park. I was wearing one of those Innovation Sports OTS wrist braces and if I landed wrong or cased a landing it would jar my wrist a bit but not too bad. So after jumping for 3 hours I took off the brace and noticed some minor swelling on the underside of my wrist on the thumb side and from that point on I couldn't put any pressure on the wrist without pain. Riding was done for that day. Had some pain for a few days, not really sure what it was, possibly some tendonitis because it wasn't the bone that was painful, but moreso the soft area of my wrist directly underneath my hand.

I took it easy until my next appointment, at which they took some more x-rays. No damage to the bone, no other damage seen. Doc said the bone looked good, that I could stop wearing the brace but was still restricted to light duty at work and no sports for 6 weeks until my next appointment. I noticed that after taking the brace off for good I was having some increased bone pain during range of motion exercises, doctor said I may have agitated the bone somehow so he said I could rebrace it if I so chose, but to make sure I was heating up the area prior to ROM exercise and icing it afterward, which I had not been doing.

So that's basically where I am at now. I'm worried about my ROM because I've really slowed down on how much I'm doing the exercises because of the bone pain. At my last appointment the doctor said I had around 70 percent of my ROM back, but I feel as though I've lost some of that recently. I'm INSANELY bored, bought a BMX bike for our local Van's Skatepark even though I can't ride it. I'm dying to go to the park and also to get back on the mountain bike for some jumping, but still have another month before my next appointment. I am definitely still having bone pain during ROM exercises and will occasionally have pain in the surrounding area if I move it the wrong way. I'm just over it, ready to be doing stupid things on my bike again.

That's my story, first broken bone since I was a baby and my babysitter left me alone in one of those little baby walkers and I walked myself down a flight of concrete stairs and broke my collarbone.
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