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broken reba

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This happened to anyone else? RS says they have a 2 year warranty - think this will be covered?
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Were you JRA or did you case something or did you drive the bike into the garage or did it get backed over by a car/truck/SUV?
My money is on option 3.
i found it after just riding along.. but i fell before that, but it wasn't a hard fall at all. real normal. seems fishy to me.
I think RS are the best people to ask what is covered, we will just make stuff up.
ha, i'm gona work on that. just was curious if anyone else has had that happen that particular fork.
I haven't seen it happen to anyone else. Doesn't mean it hasn't. My friend weighs 240lbs and has been riding one of the originals since he got it without issue. This seems like an anomaly to me.
:eek: Wow, in the 5 years I've been riding Rebas I can't say I've seen anyone post up something like that before. Can you see corrosion anywhere in the break? This would indictae a progress failure that happened over time. Definitely contact RS AND asked them if they will warranty it will a newer '09> lowers work.
Yikes! With a break like that, I am wondering if you ever noticed anything fishy prior?
Broken Reba

If no luck on the warranty, I have a used Reba, 29 2008, with remote handelbar upgrade. I used this fork just this summer on my single speed, I am parting out the bike to build a new ride. the fork is in excellent shape, 1 small mark on the left fork piston, but its cosmetic only no leaks at all in the fork, steerer tube has 7 inches from the crown up. $225.
It's a hazy picture, but the break seems to have same color all the way through... magnesium oxidizes extremely quick.
nope, nothing fishy - been riding it 4 times a week with no problems at all.
Want your Reba uppers if not warranteed

Hi Jeezer,
Hope you get covered but I'd buy your uppers as I have scoring issues on a Reba 29er 100. (Or anyone elses who have a junk Reba with descent uppers.)
Fattieif notif not
I've seen a Judy crack at the exact same spot. A long time ago though.
chumbox said:
I think RS are the best people to ask what is covered, we will just make stuff up.
So what are you saying???:thumbsup:
If they won't sort it on warranty you can drop the lowers off and put new ones on easy peasy shouldn't cost too much for new lowers I'd hope.
If you are in the UK I have a set of used lowers, I swapped the lowers on mine out for a set of 20mm bolt through, best mod of ever!
Did it bend your rotor or tweak your axle at all when it happened? Looks like it was brake induced. I would think it would be warranty unless you wuz hucking da gnar.
they are covering the parts. which is great - thanks for the info guys.
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