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broken hayes pad springs

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I've been pretty satisfied with my HFX-9 (XC's), but had a problem with my front pads. After hearing a tinkling? sound for a few rides, I removed the pads to find that the springs that snap the pads into place were both broken (The sound was the pads jiggling around between the caliper and rotor) When I went to the LBS for new pads, the aftermarket pads that were in stock didn't have the springs, so we had to order pads/springs from Hayes. Any thought on how these springs could both break after just a few months of regular riding? (I hadn't taken the pads out at all until this sound came up) Perhaps I'm not being careful enough installing the front wheel after it's on my roof rack. Also, is it common for aftermarket pads to come without these springs? The people at Hayes thought this was odd.
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I discovered my springs were broken, actually grinded away due to the wearing down of my rear pads and then wearing the spring down where it wraps underneath the pad. I suppose that scar in my rotor should have caught my attention, anyhow I learned my lesson, and now check the pad wear frequently. I''m not sure if your pads were really worn down or not, but that could be the cause. I did notice one time that the spring tension wasn't what it should be, and i had to pinch it in order for it to grip the little piston/notch.

I've bought EBC's and Hayes replacement pads and both have included springs.

Has anyone experienced the loss of the magnetic surface on the caliper before? Maybe it was the backing of the EBC pads, but on my old set of HMX-"nones" I was having trouble with that.
Which brands do include springs?

Other than these two brands, are there any others that include the springs? I've tried calling three other shops and none of the pads that any of them are stocking include springs - maybe they are all carrying the same brand.
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