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I'm not sure if this is the best place for this - but I figure you guys would be the best source of information.

I over torqued the bolt for my rack, which sheered the head off of the bolt leaving a broken bolt in the eyelet of my seatstay (I think these eyelets are called rivnuts? based upon some brief google searching).

I then attempted to remove said broken bolt with a screw/bolt extractor. That was a disaster which left me with this:

(sorry for the crappy cellphone photo)

All I have now is a hole in my seatstay and nut rattling somewhere near the bottom of the seatstay.

A local bike shop/frame builder said he could probably fix it for about $20 - which seems fair - but my question is: Will riding this frame with that hole potentially lead to a crack in my seat stay since it is not reinforced at all?

I don't need the rack on this bike anymore, and I am just as happy covering it up with electrical tape. But not if I am going to unwrap that tape to find a crack one day.

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