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I was removing the rear DeeMax wheel on my son's recently purchased bike for the first time yesterday, and when I took the nut off the non-drive side axle, a piece of the axle fell out of the nut. It seems that the hex fitting in the end of the axle, was broken inside the nut. I'm not familiar with the Saint or DeeMax set ups, but after checking the Shimano site, I guess that hex fitting is to remove the axle from the derailleur?

So now, is there any other way to get the axle out without clamping a pair of vise grips on what is left of the non drive side? In which case I will need a new axle on hand to replace the wrecked one.

I checked some online parts shops, and there are two different 150mm x 20mm axles...a "standard" one, and one (twice the price) that says it is for DeeMax wheels, and has an assortment of washers and spacers on it.

I'm starting to think this may be a job for a bike mechanic...but I'd still like to better understand the set up.

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