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Broken Chainstay

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Hey everybody,
Newbie here, I've been lurking and looking for a while, but had reason to log on now as I've clean busted my HI FI Deluxe bought in August '08 on the drive side chainstay cutout, right behind the weld. This is the thinnest part of the triangle and the place where I've read and heard that the bike routinely breaks. What is the collective experience as far as getting the part shipped to my LBS? It has been two and a half weeks since the triangle has been ordered and I'm beating on a friend's borrowed bike daily, which I don't feel good about. BTW, I was riding up a moderately bumpy "challenge" in the middle ring low gear, so not to say there was no stress on the bike, but I was not jumping and not even standing up on the bike, and I just heard a loud pop, like a car tire blowing out. Any help on shipping time would be appreciated as I'm stressing a little and my LBS doesn't want me calling every day.
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I will answer my own post by saying "Bob, don't sound so crabby, you REALLY LOVE your GF Bike, so be happy that you have a frame warranty that will make your bike good as new pretty soon". Which is true, this bike has either made me a better rider because it gives me the confidence to try things I wouldn't normally do or can't do on other bikes, and therfore my learning progression was/is higher-OR, it has allowed me to do things in spite of my lesser ability, which is OK too. I haven't ridden a lot of bikes, but the ones I have ridden, including the borrowed Trance2 I'm on now don't compare to my HiFI Deluxe in terms of agility and cornering, and stability in climbing and on the downhill. Guess I'll patiently wait for the UPS man to deliver that part...
Yeah, waiting for frame parts to come in can be hard, especially when you only have one bike. Nice of your friend to loan you a bike...

I've broken a number of frames over the years. I broke a Trek frame (road bike) quite some time ago. I hate to say it, but I think I waited a month or two to get that bike back. Specialized has been the best; I've never had to wait more than two weeks before getting the bike back on the three frames that I've broken. I've also broken two Iron Horse frames; the first one I took to a shop and it took 3 or 4 months to get the bike back; the second one I did myself by contacting the manufacturer directly and had a replacement frame in my hands a week later.

Your shop can't give you an ETA?
ive broken my 08 hifi in that place twice now... first time it took 6 weeks, second time a little over 2 weeks....

i feel your pain, the second time it broke i was so afraid of missing 6 weeks of prime spring time riding I went out and bought another bike! your lucky to have a good friend.
My bike shop says the new swingarm has shipped UPS so from Minnesota to California I guess by land will be the rest of the week and I could be looking at riding by maybe the weekend or this coming week-yippee!
Will the new swingarm be exactly the same as the old one or have they modified it so the flaw has been somewhat eliminated? It is so redundant and I'm sure they would like to retain their good rep and ridership that they would address this problem, right? I'm worried 'cause many have said they've repeatedly broken the swingarm and I will feel a little paranoid going forward with the exact same part...
they have shored up the bifurcated area on the chainstay to be a solid now....check other posts on this forum for pics. I just went through the same process....took 3 weeks or so to get the part back.
It sounds like my recent experience was better than some others had. I broke the chainstay on my 08 Hi Fi Carbon and had the new part in three days. As another poster mentioned, the new part has been redesigned in that area.
I broke the left chain stay on my 2008 HiFi+ right near the brake caliper. This was after about 6 months and maybe 750 miles. I had the bike back in 7 days. The new chainstays were of a different design (and color), but they looked beefier.

After another 3 months and maybe 400 miles, the right chainstay broke, towards the front. So the new and improved part lasted only half as long as the original. I reminded the LBS what a great job they did getting the last repair taken care of so quickly. Hopefully they can do it again.

This is the first frame I've broken in almost 20 years of riding. I like rocks, logs, and bunny hops, but no jumps or drops. I weigh 170#. There's no way I should be breaking frames.
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