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Broken 09 Revelation?

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Brand new 09 Revelation 426 U turn, just put it on my bike and when I compress it, I hear it losses air trough + chamber, also when I pump the air in the negative chamber, it losses travel.
I got both + and - chambers at 100psi.
Any ideas what's wrong?
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1. Drain all the air from both chambers, starting with the negative chamber first.
2. Inflate both chambers to 100psi, starting with the positive chamber.
3. Ride it around, cycle the fork, go back and check the readings with your shock pump. (Note: you will see a 5-10psi decrease due to the air needed to make the pump read.)
4. If you see either chamber greater than the other by a noticable ammount, then you may potentially be having a problem.

If you see no variance in pressure after cycling the fork and rechecking, then leave the fork alone overnight, and check again in the morning. This will rule out the possibility of any slow leaks.

Your fork WILL lose travel if you increase the negative chamber. When the negative chamber is greater than the positive, it essentially sucks the fork down. You should start with your pressure equal in both chambers (Always pumping the positive first), and make small adjustments from there. More negative air = supple, more positive air = less movement, especially when climbing. If you exceed +5psi in the negative chamber, then you will lose travel, and SRAM direct does not recommend it despite numerous magazines and even set up tips suggesting otherwise.

So far, it sounds like you simply don't know how to set up your fork. You should take the time to read your owners manual, if you had, you would not be alarmed by your fork losing travel when adding negative air. The only reason I'm typing this is because the "leaking" sound from your positive chamber concerns me. You may actually have a problem. However, if you follow steps 1 thru 4 that I listed above, you will rule out whether or not you have a problem. Let us know when you have done so.
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