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Anyone riding a Brodie Ronin as a commuter?

I love the understated looks of this bike. At first glance, it looks like it would be a good fit for someone such as myself coming from the MTB world, as it appears to have kind of a mixed bag of MTB and roadie DNA in it. Unfortunatly, being a MTB'er, I have no idea about some of the road bike parts spec tho (Tiagra, etc.) I do like the fact that it has braze-ons for racks, and the disc brakes are a nice touch too. The MSRP is $1249... not sure how the spec stacks up to others in this price bracket.

My commute will be about 34 miles round trip, with about 15 of that being on a (dirt) dedicated bike path and miscellaneous connector trails (nothing too rough). The rest will be on fairly flat pavement with some gentle rolling hills. The Ronin looks like it would easily be able to handle this commute, as well as the occasional single track "detour". It also looks burly enough to handle my 6'4", 210lbs clydesdale payload without issue.

Do you guys think this would make a good commuter bike? Is it a good buy for the money? I've Googled it and searched the forums, but can't seem to find any reviews, etc.

Any opinions, either positive or negative, would be greatly appreciated.

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