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I was considering heading up to ride the lifts at Brian Head one of these days. I know they have bike rentals but would prefer to use my bike. How much will my 2011 Fuel Ex 8 limit me? (about 5" front and rear travel)

Also...pretty cold up there already? Getting really cold soon?

I'd rather be biking...
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Worth a 3 hour round trip for one ride?
I live in STG and thats a 3 hour round trip and I go up there to ride 5 or 6 times during the summer. I usually ride more then one trail, but It would be worth it to get your feet wet. Just have your significant other shuttle you around or get a riding buddy. :)

Bunker Creek
Dark Hollow
Scout Loop
Paradise Canyon
Blow Hard
are all well worth the trip.

You can usually combine Dark hollow, bunker, and blow hard in a full day of riding
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