World's First Mountain Bike to Make Final West Coast Appearance

(Davis, CA) - The United States Bicycling Hall of Fame has announced that the world's first modern mountain bike, Breezer #1, will be on display for one day at the Bicycling Hall Of Fame Museum at 303 3rd Street in Davis. Twenty other early mountain bikes will be on display as part of a Mountain Bike History Celebration on Saturday, November 5th from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Breezer #1 is considered the first all-new mountain bike. The lineage of today's mountain bikes is directly linked to it. Constructed by Joe Breeze in Mill Valley, CA in 1977, it was the first mountain bike with a new frame built specifically for mountain biking, equipped with all-new components. Previous mountain bikes were an assemblage of used parts. These were the infamous "klunkers."

Breeze, who still designs bikes for Breezer Bicycles, said, "The shiny, new Breezers really turned heads. People suddenly saw a bright future for the nascent sport, and I was happy to share my drawings and ideas freely with other builders."

After the show, Breezer #1 will become part of the collection of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. Since 1986, Breezer #1 had been a part of the Oakland Museum's "California-A Place, A People, A Dream" exhibit, documenting sports and activities invented, created or popularized in California.

Also on display and up for auction will be #10 and #11 of the screenprinted-by-hand re-makes of the original drawing of the Repack race course, signed and numbered by Joe. Proceeds will go the U.S Bicycling Hall of Fame.

The Hall Of Fame's special mountain bike exhibit will be opening Saturday, November 5th in conjunction with the US Bicycling Hall Of Fame's annual induction ceremonies Saturday night. Among this year's inductees is Michael Sinyard, founder of Specialized Bicycles. Sinyard has been a driving force in bicycling since he founded Specialized in 1974. Specialized, early on, recognized a bright future for mountain biking and capitalized on the early efforts of the sport's pioneers of Marin County, including Breeze, to bring mountain biking to the masses. Specialized introduced their "Stumpjumper" mountain bike in 1981.

"The birth of mountain biking occurred right here in northern California and is a major part of American cycling history. We are pleased to host this outstanding special exhibit of vintage mountain bikes", said Joe Herget, Executive Director of the Hall of Fame.

While the Hall Of Fame's mountain bike exhibit will be showing through November, Breezer #1 will only be on display this Saturday, November 5th, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m as part of the Mountain Bike History Celebration. Many of mountain biking's early pioneers will be on hand, including Joe Breeze, Gary Fisher, Jacquie Phelan, Steve Potts, and Ned Overend. The event is sponsored by Speedplay and attendees will have the opportunity to win a pair of the new Speedplay SYZR MTB pedals. Admission is free to the public.

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Source: Rona Hung