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Please use this thread to post:
-the Breck Epic 2019 entry you're looking to get
-the Breck Epic 2019 entry you're looking to get rid of and/or
-any other Breck Epic 2019 transfer/entry information that you need help with.

This will help to keep all of the requests in one spot. From here you all can contact each other privately to work out the details.

MTBR is not assisting with any of this. Please address any questions to Breck Epic.

Official refund/cancellation/transfer policy:

We'll refund anyone in full for any reason whatsoever up to 90 days out (so for 2019, May 10, 2019). If your plans change or life gets in the way after that, we can offer you a deferral that's valid for up to two years OR the ability to sell your entry. We WILL sell out in 2019, so a waiting list is likely. We can help you move your entry once we get on a list. There are no additional fees for any of these three contingencies, but please be aware that the modest processing fee charged by the registration site is non-refundable.

Contact Breck Epic with request for transfer and transferee's info in email and CC
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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