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ozzy_6000 said:
what break pads are good for a bmx bike. i have diatech dekka pads now and it takes forever to stop with them
There's a few things that can affect braking power. First, if there's any oily residue on the rim or pad, second, the rubber in brake pads can get glazed over and provide little friction, third, there are differences in pad compounds, and fourth, chrome rims provide less braking friction than an alloy rim with a machined brake track, especially when wet. I once also tried to get decent braking out of a kid's department store bike, but couldn't because the caliper spring was impossibly stiff and even adults couldn't squeeze the lever enough to get good friction at the rim.

So, to improve things, clean the brake tracks on the rims with some isopropyl alcohol. The kind you find in the drugstore for cleaning wounds is fine.

Next, clean the brake pad surface with some sandpaper until any shine is gone.

If those things don't help, look around for some Kool-Stop pads in a funky salmon color. A company called Mathauser also used to make the same pad compound, but I don't know if they're still around. You may still find NOS in shops. I like these the best.

If you've got chrome rims or cheap calipers and the above actions don't help, there's not much you can do except upgrade these parts.

Good luck!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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