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Branson Missouri Trails

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Im going to be heading down to Branson next weekend for a few day and was curious on what trails any locals would recommend that are close by. Thanks in advance!
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You can ride Sac River Trail north of Springfield and Busiek State Park a few miles north of Branson. Busiek is just a bunch of horse trails and I didn't enjoy it that much the one time I rode there. Maybe I needed to hook up with a local. My recommendation would be to drive an hour to Eureka Springs, AR and ride Lake Leatherwood.
Eureka Springs would be much better but there is good stuff at Busiek. There are two sides to the park. Some pretty techy stuff there. Beware of the shooting range, if you aren't expecting it the sound of someone testing their automatic shotgun can scare you right off the bike!
thanks for the info, ive done some research and put all three parks in my gps.:thumbsup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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