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Brand New and looking to get into downhill

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Hi everyone.

I'm about as n00b as one gets. I haven't ridden a bike in 8 years and I picked up a 05 Norco Bigfoot used (I work at a pawnshop so I had my choice of lots of bikes). I absolutley love this bike, and I wake up at 6 every morning to ride it on the back roads. I'm a big girl so at the moment I'm working on getting into shape and working at improving my cardio. That being said, I live really close to SilverStar and I wouldn't mind getting into downhill at some point.

So here comes my question: There is an 05 Kona Stinky at work. It feels really comfy, the brakes are still good althought the rear breaks might need new pads. The rear derailleur and cable need to be replaced for sure. Other than that it seems to be in great shape. What kind of things should I be looking for in the frame? Cracks in the welds? My LBS taught me how to check a few extremely basic things and those all check out, besides the derailleurs. So knowing this, what would be a good price to pay for this bike?

Any info would be great. And thanks in advance for bearing with my extreme newness to this (possibly addictive) sport.
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I would avoid and 05 stinky. those tend to be ridden hard and not smoothly at all so five+_ yrs is a really long time for that bike. also the bigfoot you have is a highly capable bike so I would ride the hell out of that. build up your skills then get new ish bike farther down the road.
If you work at the pawn shop you're buying it from, would you be able to take it to a LBS and pay them a bit to check it over for you before purchasing? It would be worth it for a DH bike that could be abused.
Thanks guys. I might be able to take it the LBS. I mean, to me it seems like a pretty good deal and I think I could get it cheaper than the 335 that my boss is asking for it. So, bottomline, if it was ridden hard and put away wet, since I am a beginner and I'm not going to be doing anything too crazy with it, does that seem like a fair price?

Also there is a Norco Buzz at work as well. I'm not sure the age on this one, but it's even cheaper at $290 dollars. I did a bit of research between the two of them and the stinky got better reviews so I didn't even really look at the Buzz. Do you guys think I should check it out?
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