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Do you have brakes on your bike?

  • Yes, I like to control my bike when riding down hills. Stopping is useful too.

    Votes: 23 50.0%
  • I'm Speedy Gonzales and don't need no steenking brakes

    Votes: 4 8.7%
  • I always ride uphill and therefore have no need for brakes

    Votes: 5 10.9%
  • I drag my brakes uphill so that I can have real man quads

    Votes: 14 30.4%
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I was kinda doing #4 on my last ride, my rotor was making so much rub noise it was driving me crazy so I did a lot of riding with my brake on a little.

Out spokin'
In cog? Neato!
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I'm thinking maybe tires. Who here hasn't experienced the sheer joy of riding on a bare rim?
I did that once coming out of Post Canyon (Hood River, OR). Wrecked the tire & rim anyway... it was either walk out or ride out and I knew that rim was going into the next dumpster I saw so why not ride it to smithereens.

Hardtail. Not pleasant. Fortunately the car was only about a mile away.

The sound... it's kinda like a Timberbell on steroids. :)

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There's a thread on RBR about removing the rear brake to save weight. So, maybe a I only need one brake option would be prudent.
HaHa! That thread is a shitshow as many of their threads turn out.
What you never wedged your foot against the rear tire/triangle to stop?
There’s a video of a guy descending the Stelvio in the Italian Alps no handed in this manner.
Poll needs a choice for fixies.
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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