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So I've got some basic Hayes 9s (hydraulic) on my bike. They've been great, and probably have less than 500 miles on them. Anyway, today I got to the top of La Tuna Canyon, and started back down...only to realize my front brakes simply weren't there anymore. The lever would bottom out with no resistance at all, as if it wasn't even connected. I was able to get it stopped with the rears, and checked to see if the pistons were compressing. Nope. When I got home, I checked the fluid. It was full. I bled some out in case there was a big air bubble or something.....nope, it was clean. There's no leak either. The system seems to be perfectly sealed still.

All I can figure is that there was a sudden failure in the master cylinder, and the piston simply is no longer forcing brake fluid through the system?

Am I on the right track? Any other ideas? If it is a shot master cylinder, is this something that happens somewhat often? 9's are sort of a budget brake, and maybe that shows up in the master cylinder??? :confused: :confused:
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