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Hey all,

I am a bit new to in-depth bike maintenance, but in November I decided to build up my own bike from the frame. I threw on some Shimano XT Icetech brakes and rotors on the bikes. It performed flawlessly the few times I got to ride it. Since the snows have hit Colorado, I haven't been able to do much riding for a couple months on it.

I just replaced the Stan's NoTubes yesterday so figured I'd take it out for a spin, and the brakes feel reallllly off. I pull the lever and I do not have anywhere close to the same stopping power, and they are squeeling like crazy. It seems I have to pull the lever all the way back and I slowly come to a stop.

Any ideas what might be wrong? Do I have to wear them in or something since they havent been used in a while? Will sanding the pads down and using alcohol on the rotors do the trick?

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