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Brake Rotor Question

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I have a Trek Fuel with 160 mm rotor paired with mechanical disc brakes. Since the bike is heavy, should I get a bigger rotor or hydraulic disc brakes. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks:thumbsup:
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If they are BB7 mechanicals, I would suggest going to a 185mm (for Avid) in the front. I really don't see the need for bigger than 160mm in th rear unless your doing serious DH riding...which the Fuel is not designed for anyway.

If your mechanicals are anything other than BB7's...then replace with either BB7's or a good set of Hydros and get a 180/185 rotor up front
Your weight is more significant than the bike's weight. Is your current setup not performing well?
My current setup does not seem to have enough braking power as when I brake I have to use 2 fingers at least to slow the bike. As to the other reply I have Shimano mechanical disc brakes. Are BB7s any better?
The general consensus seems to put the BB7s at the top of the list of mechanical disc brakes. You could try a larger diameter rotor up front like mtnbiker72 suggested rather than change brakes. These are brakes that have already been broken in, i.e. the pads bedded to the rotors, yes? You could also make sure you have them adjusted properly or are using your brake levers' leverage adjustment (some have them, some don't...what levers are you using?).
Some kind of Tektro levers. Also I was wondering what hydraulic disc brake would be the best bang for the buck? Thanks
Doubt the Tektro levers have such an adjustment. Some Shimano levers do, and Avid levers do. Best bang for the buck depends how many bucks you want to spend. :D
Around $150 for hydro disc brakes.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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