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Brake Pads for Tektro tkd-143

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My bike came with a set of Tektro tkd-143 brakes. They seem to work well enough for what I do so I haven't seen the need to swap them out yet. I do, however, need to replace the brake pads soon. The problem I'm running into is that Tektro doesn't list the brakes on their website, so I'm not positive what pads to use. The current pads are Giant branded but other markings have been obscured by rubbing from the pistons. By looks, the brakes appear to be the same as the HD-M275 which Tektro says use their x10.11 pads. This is apparently the same size/shape as the Shimano B01S pads.

Is anyone able to confirm this? Thanks!
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I've owned and sourced plenty of pads for entry level Shimano, Tektro and other brands of brakes which all use the same common pads. I wouldn't worry about any brand or specific brake model for the pads you're looking for.

A careful look at the outline and shape is enough to choose the correct replacements.

I use this guide as my go to when initially finding pads for whatever brakes, worked out every time and I've not come across any that aren't included on this diagram so far:-

Rectangle Font Pattern Number Design

I'm 95% sure the pads you need are the S2 (or B01S), they're probably the most common and widely used pads out there.

You could post a pic of the ones you're trying to replace if you feel the need to confirm for sure. 馃槈
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That's a very helpful chart, and shows there aren't any other matches for my current pads than S2. B01S it is!

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No worries, you're welcome. 馃槑馃憤

FYI. The pad identifier and also a pad fitment chart pdf is on this website that shows which brands use which shape pads. Happy trails.

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