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Brake Pad Question

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Hi all.
Im going to get some new brake pads and found some suitable for my brakes. here is the link:
I have Tektro gemini sl brakes. These should work with them. I know all about organic vs metallic pads. I live in California and it doesn't usually get wet so I ussually run organic brake pads. These pads however come with many different materials to choose from. They come in copper based, multi-metallic, resin, semi-metallic, and sintered. Can someone please explain the differences between all of these (besides the resin pads) and give me a recommendation if any of the other pads will be better for where I ride that the resin pads I usually ride?

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Pad friction material is made up of a cocktail of ingredients. Different compounds have more concentrated amounts of the particular materials stated in the description to give varying wear rates, bite/feel performance as described on the link you provided.

As you already know resin is softer with good initial bite, supposedly 'quieter' but the downside is faster wear (especially in wet conditions).

As you know metallic/sintered are harder, wear less quickly and are less effected by wet conditions.

Semi metallic is somewhere inbetween.

Never heard of multi metallic but the description says 'ceramic' which I'm currently running on my front brake. I don't notice any difference at all with the ceramic compared to the usual sintered pads I normally use in mostly wet, muddy conditions.

If you're happy with how long your resin pads last and their performance for the conditions you ride in then choose those again.

Alternatively it sometimes comes down to personal preference so maybe try out the others to gain slightly more of the stated benefits each compound has to offer.
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OK thanks. Ill probably go with resin pads again or try something new and go with semi-metallic.
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Main benefit of the sintered metal pads is more heat fade resistance. They cut through crud and wet better. But if resin is working good for u, not much reason to go different. Disadvantage of metal is noise, cost, less initial bite until they warm up (in reality i never notice that), and they wear the rotor faster. The ceramics, like in car pads, is somewhere in bewtween.
Ceramics are known for needing a bit of heat to increase bite. I have never had a sintered warm up issue.
I've always found resin to be noisier. yes, sintered pads get noisy when wet, but heat them up to cook off the damp and they quiet down again. resin pads? meh, they howl for a long time after they get wet. plus performance definitely declines in the damp.

I've not tried ceramics
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