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Brake forum or suspension forum?

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Fox 32 on 2008 Trance X2.

I stripped one of the caliper post holes. Did not think I was over tightening the bolt, but ...

So I installed an insert (6 mm).

While doing so I saw the hole is pretty bad. The insert eventually pulled out. Now the hole is a bit worse than "pretty bad.":sad:

I can replace the lowers myself. No problem but $$$.

I am thinking about installing a 1/4 in American insert, but the hole might be too large for ideal insert fit.

Suggestions for saving the lowers?

Thanks everyone,
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find the toughest loctite and lots of it?
loctite makes some stuff that supposedly gives you a place to bolt to that you shouldn't be able to, but I don't think it'd work in this application, since your brakes don't need to be able to move much.

I can't see how you did this witout puttin out some serious torque. I hope you don't do that to all your bike parts. You'll end up stripping a lot of stuff on aluminum. Get a little blue loctite tube and use that, snug em up and leave them. They won't come loose and you don't have to get em so tight you're blowing veins in your head.
When you say insert, did you use a Helicoil? Did the same on my forks and a Helicoil fixed me right up.
It seemed to me that the insert he used stripped out the tapped out thread as well - requiring an even larger tap. That's y I suggested to get the 2 size bigger insert and use the strongest loctite on it so he doesn't strip it again.
Yes, I installed an insert like a Heli-coil but not the Heli-coil brand.

Elsewhere I read about building up the oversize (now) hole with JB Weld.

Thanks again,
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