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Brain failure, again

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I just got done riding, and noticed halfway through the ride that my pedal platform was non-existent. Took it into the dealer (Thank god they're open on Sun.) and I got the "again" look from the service guy. I just had a new rear shock put on 4 rides ago (maybe 100mi.) after the shock completely failed, leaking, no platform, limited rebound travel. This time it was just a loss of Brain function and a really loud and annoying sucking sound on the rebound stroke. I weigh 210lbs (set the shock up per the video, 215psi yields 17mm sag), ride semi-aggressively, but I don't abuse the bike, no big drops, pick my lines through the roots and rocks, and I take care of the bike (clean, adjust, repair as needed). Luckily they were able to get the bike back to me quickly last time, but it still sucks being with out the bike. Is there anything I need to be doing differently when riding or maintaining the bike to keep this from happening.

BTW, it's an '08 SJ Expert that was a demo bike, but everything worked perfectly when I got it, and the first Brain lasted about 3 times as long.
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Have your shop work with our service center to get you on a shock built with the latest parts. You will be good to go.
Scary to think that the extra $$ the Brain cost is a gamble....
Back up plan.

If you have a bike with a brain, or any bike really it just seems to happen to brain owners way more often you will eventually need a back up bike. Buy a used Raleigh XXIX rigid single speed for a song or something similar to ride when your brains retarded. Its either that,or get two shocks, The AFR shocks are just not reliable enough to handle primary bike duty for enthusiasts that ride alot. I have a road bike, and I remember riding it counting the days before my AFR was supposed to be back. Your probably only 6 or 7 road rides away from your return to single track. Maybe 5 if you take a rest day.
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