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Brackets & Hubs

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The lower bracket and rear hub on my bike have worn out. I have been looking at several online sites trying to figure out what to get and am lost as usual. Some hubs and lower brackets are very expensive, nearly the cost of this bike. I am looking for solid replacements, not anything ill need to win a race. I plan on buying a FS bike and will be down grading this bike to duel sport use. I dont have all the money in the world for this. Maybe a couple hundred for both, hopefully cheaper. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?
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Kind of hard to help since you don't specify what you've got now. The bottom bracket is crank specific, so let us know what crank (make and model) you have now (and the width of your bottom bracket shell if you know it). The rear hub is probably cheapest to replace with a complete wheel, take a look at our sponsor, but it would still help to know specifics of the wheel you have now...

You might also define "worn out", you sure they can't be serviced?
Its a KHS Alite 150

That might help. Its appears worn out because there is play in the crank and in the rear hub and its getting steadily worse.
Your bottom bracket is one thing, but since you have a crankset with non-replaceable chainrings you might think about a new crank and bb, but depends on what you want from this bike down the line as to whether that's worth it. The crank, the Shimano FC-M191 takes a square taper 122.5 spindle and apparently only comes in a 68mm bottom bracket shell width (which makes sense for your bike in any case, but the spec list doesn't say). The stock bottom bracket is the Shimano BB-UN26. Doing your own work will take some special tools that likely wouldn't be all that useful on a new suspension bike.

The spec sheet isn't much help on the hubs but likely they're cup and cone type, and need service unless you've trashed them. Look here and see if you think you could do your own work to save some $

Overall that's a pretty low end bike with unfortunately fairly disposable components...
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Yeah, it may even be worth it
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