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I'm not going to lie, I held out and didnt buy this cassette earlier because its heavy. I have leftover WW tenancies. :madman:

In reality, the box cassettes in 46t weigh about the same as shimano in 42. Im already running a shimano so im already carrying the weight. When you actually get a 480g cassette in your hand you realize how little 480g really is. Im not worried about it. I understand the numbers, its not slowing me down anyway.With the WW stuff out of the way:

This thing is awesome! The ratio on the box cassettes is great and more useful over more terrain for me. On my shimano, I had 37 and 42 for climbing, and often 37 could be not quite enough, and 42 wasnt quite enough. Box gives me 36, 40, and 46 and that honestly covers all my riding.

They were under 70 bucks on amazon, so the box cassette was actually cheaper than shimano. This thing is well made, nicer than a SLX cassette and on par with an XT. Cosmetically nicer looking.

Just wanted to give some props to box for a well thought out cassette that functions better than shimano. Box doesnt come up too often, and 12s everything is sort of overshadowing 11, but its still viable and a good choice.
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