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Box One Prime 9 Chain $$$$

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Installed this new chain 3 rides ago when I switched from gears to SS and must re-tension each time before the next ride, I have not rode SS for three years and do not remember having to do this to my 2 other SS when I still had them before each ride. Is this common for this brand chain or is it still in a break in process , anyone else use this expensive chain ? I weigh 210 and my ride is between 10-15 miles with 1200-1500 feet of climbing, gearing is 30x20 the bike is a 2021Surly Karate Monkey using a Surly snuggnut on the drive side and the rear axle bolt is torqued to spec. When I re-tension the chain I only have to turn the thumb screw on the snuggnut about a 1/4 of a turn to take up the slack.
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That doesn't sound ideal... though I hear DLC isn't great, could just be that wearing off in the high load areas and it will settle down soon.
I’ve never had that problem with KMC chains, for me basically set & forget.
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