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I bought a 2015 Rush 29 2 at my lbs. before they quit making them, since I liked the idea of 68bb and regular 135mm rear spacing.
They only had green in stock, so I jumped on it since they gave me a good deal on just the frame and shock. (They stripped it for me).
It's the PERFECT bike for the type of riding I do, and it's been serving me well fir the past few years.
A few weeks ago a bunch of NOS Rush 29 BBQ framesets of various sizes popped up on eBay from sellers I ordered a bunch from in the past.
I submitted a best offer which was accepted, a few days later the frame in it's original, unopened box arrived.
Cleaned and transferred all by parts over, now I have the bike In the color I always wanted
Anyways, here's a few pics, it weighs in at 25.87lbs. a little lighter than the green one:

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